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In 1975 80% of the value of quoted companies was attributed to tangible assets that were visible in a company’s balance sheet. Now that has changed and 80% of the value of quoted companies is attributed to IP and other intangible assets. This is an incredible turnaround that to this day has not been fully appreciated. The proportion of business value that is comprised of IP in various forms continues to grow.

It follows that the valuation, the assessment of commercial and reasonable royalty rates in licensing, protection, structuring and commercial exploitation of IP are more important than they have ever been. This is true whether you are a scientist, marketing professional, CEO, lawyer, accountant or footballer.

Credible and professional independent IP valuation is an important component of commercial transactions involving IP (i.e. most transactions) and infringement (loss of profit and loss of business opportunity). We have many years’ experience in working with accountancy, law firms and IP professionals of many different types in many worldwide jurisdictions, large and small, on commercial transactions, tax valuations and other business IP valuation issues.

Our expertise

Valuation Consulting is dedicated to independent valuation and is recognised both in the UK and internationally as the leading independent valuer of businesses, companies and intellectual property (“IP”).

We have unrivalled expertise in valuing IP. Three of our senior directors are qualified Chartered Accountants and have trained with the highest ranked accountancy firms. Two of our other directors were at a senior level in the HMRC valuation team. Four of our directors have appeared in court resulting generally in successful outcomes for our clients. Most of our directors are Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Chartered Valuation Surveyors and Registered Business Valuers.

In particular Kelvin King is acknowledged internationally as a leading expert and authority in the valuation of IP. "Valuation of intellectual property.... a highly specialised field dominated by a relatively small number of well-known and experienced practitioners. Pre-eminent among them is Kelvin King" - EIPR. He is a published author on the subject and recently co-authored a report for the UK Government Intellectual Property Office ("IPO") entitled 'Banking on IP" which elucidates the role of Intellectual Property & Intangible Assets in facilitating business finance. 

How Valuation Consulting can help

  • We can value the IP in businesses and the businesses themselves and with legal advisers and/or our business partners advise on how this IP can be structured, registered, patented and secured. IP valuation is a particular specialism of Valuation Consulting. We value patents, brands, trade marks, copyrights, image rights, web-domains, customer databases and other IP and intangible assets and advise on royalty rates. It is difficult today to value any company (old and new economy) without IP valuation skills
  • We can independently value IP for early stage businesses in order to facilitate the raising of finance. Our expertise covers bio-pharmaceuticals, green energy, information technology, e-commerce, health, sport and education
  • We can provide expert opinion on IP valuation and IP rich businesses in reports for our clients, accountants, tax advisors and for the Courts
  • We are frequently used by tax accountants and lawyers to carry out valuations and royalty rate assessment which will be used for tax purposes, to ensure compliance, provide opinion on previous valuations by tax professionals and tax authorities and to support tax planning proposals. This is particularly common for Image Rights, Trade marks and Brands which are valued for structuring and pension transfer purposes (SIPP/SSAS)
  • Our independent valuations inform decisions in commercial transactions giving an objective valuation in business purchases and sales, financing and restructuring
  • We can analyse and value the components of purchased goodwill when required by accounting standards
  • We have unrivalled expertise in providing expert valuation services to the legal profession. Four of our senior directors are trained expert witnesses and have appeared in court resulting generally in successful outcomes for our clients. In the context of litigation our opinions have weight. The cases that we have worked worldwide include inter alia false accounting and fraud, account of profit, loss of business valuation, reasonable royalty, shareholder disputes, divorce, buy-outs and minority oppression
  • This expertise has been recognised by the legal profession and judiciary. A few of the comments where Senior Directors have been kindly complimented appear below:

Kelvin King

  • "extremely bright...extraordinary ability..." 1 Hare Court
  • "The expert witnesses... I found Mr King to be an impressive witness" - Hon Mr Justice Arnold

Mary Jackets

  • “In my judgement Ms Jacket’s analysis on this issue is to be preferred”. “I regard that evidence as entirely persuasive”  
  • “…because not merely is she a highly competent accountant and analyst but she has worked in a senior capacity in such businesses.  She is thus in a position to express an informed opinion on this sort of issue.” - His Honour Judge Pelling QC

Robert Sharp

  • “I commend Mr Sharp for the clarity of his evidence” – Sir Peter Crill (Bailiff of Jersey)

Ian Brewer

  • “Ian Brewer is an obvious expert in the matter of Share valuations and his evidence should be treated as such" - Marffy v Marffy


  • Access to research, including extensive data on royalty rates and transactions
  • Demonstrable experience and expertise
  • Informing and improving negotiating positions
  • Affordable and practical with fixed price quotes for our reports
  • Independent, expert and conflict free – Valuation Consulting is only in the business of valuation consulting and does not carry out or compete for general accounting, legal and tax work

And for protection, analysis and structuring of IP

  • IP needs protecting in order to preserve its value. It needs structuring properly to enhance commercial value and manage tax. We are ideally placed to advise
  • We have strong links with other IP professionals, some of whom are based in our 90 Long Acre office, including Patent Attorneys, Specialist IP Consultants in many industries and are involved in pioneering insurance protection for IP
  • Access to pension funds through transfer of IP. We have expertise in valuing IP which can then be transferred at market value to pension funds or provided as security thus enabling firms access to funding from their pension funds. Our valuations reduce the risk of unapproved transfer penalties
  • Supporting Asset Back Contributions and Asset Backed Funding

Our partners

Valuation Consulting has a deep and wide network of professional contacts including patent attorneys, lawyers, accountants, IP analysers, financiers and specialist consultants.


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