Valuation services for Fund Managers

Valuation Consulting’s services regarding unquoted investment portfolios

Credible and professional independent valuation is becoming more important for the fund management industry driven by new regulation such as the AIFM directive and the increasing risk and penalty for getting valuations wrong, especially where there are conflicts of interest.

Article 19 of the AIFMD requires “proper and independent valuation… at a frequency which is appropriate… performed by an external valuer or the AIFM itself provided….valuation is functionally independent”

Our expertise

Valuation Consulting is dedicated to independent valuation and is recognised both in the UK and internationally as the leading independent  valuer of businesses, companies, intellectual property (“IP”) and other “hard to value” financial and intangible assets.

We have the necessary independence, qualifications and expertise to provide valuation services to the fund management industry, especially in such areas as Private Equity where investments are hard to value and there are no readily available market prices for the investments. We are familiar with the International Private Equity Valuation (“IPEV”) guidelines.

How Valuation Consulting can help

  • Valuation Consulting’s experienced directors can value businesses and companies, loans, bonds and shares to enable Net Asset Values (NAVs) to be calculated as frequently as required
  • In conjunction with our affiliates at Valuation Research Corporation we have developed sophisticated models to aid valuation of private equity investments
  • Our independent valuations inform decisions in commercial transactions giving an objective valuation in business purchases and sales, financing and restructuring
  • Our valuations are a key part of many successful employee incentive schemes, where regular valuation is often required
  • We can value the IP in portfolio businesses and with legal advisers and/or our business partners advise on how this IP can be structured, registered, patented and secured


  • Enhances credibility of the valuation process thereby making investment more attractive. This is especially useful for the smaller fund manager who might find it difficult to demonstrate the independence of the valuation function
  • Improves investor communications and relations
  • Greater transparency and integrity over the valuation process as methods used are visible and documented
  • Reduces risk and avoids conflicts of interest for fund managers and administrators
  • Useful verification check on “in house” valuations
  • Source of advice on drivers of value for private companies
  • Affordable and practical with fixed price quotes for our reports
  • Independent and conflict free – Valuation Consulting is only in the business of valuation consulting and does not carry out or compete for general accounting, legal and tax work

And for fund managers (or their clients) seeking to acquire, exit, refinance or restructure

  • Valuations and advice on business plans and Information Memorandums will assist in obtaining funding. Importantly these valuations are objective and independent
  • Access to pension funds through transfer of IP. We have expertise in valuing IP such as trade marks, copyrights, customer databases and domain names which can then be transferred at market value to pension funds or provided as security thus enabling firms access to funding from their pension funds
  • We also have expertise in valuation for business acquisitions and exits, tax and probate valuations, employee incentive schemes, dispute resolution, purchase cost allocations and much more

Our partners

Valuation Consulting has a deep and wide network of professional contacts including patent attorneys, lawyers, accountants, IP analysers, financiers and specialist consultants.


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